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Allergy Cards

Allergic reactions can be serious if not fatal.

Defend yourself or a loved one with the card that alerts others to your food, medical or drug allergies.

Alert Cards

Alert cards are useful for alerting teachers or other adults about any conditions your child may have.

From Asthma to ADHD, prepare yourself, your kids, or your parents for daily interactions with others.

Aversion Cards

It is important to let others know what your triggers are.

From lightning and dogs to planes and insects, our aversion cards are meant to alert others to things that affect you and your daily life. Order yours today.

Uses The Card?

Kids, Adults, Seniors, Travelers, People Who Are Hearing Impaired Or Deaf, People Who Are Non-Verbal, People Who Are Autistic, People Who Have Special Needs, People Who Take Medications, Service Dog Owners, and Anyone With Allergies Or Medical Conditions.

Do You Show The Card?

In Restaurants, Cafes
When Traveling, In Hotels, At School, Camp, Daycare, Play-dates, or Sleepovers.
Show To Servers, Chefs, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Teachers, Nurses, Caregivers, First-Responders, or Medical Professionals.

Can I
Personalize My Card?

YES. Create A Custom Card Specific To Your Needs. Your Personalized Card Is Fast And Easy To Create And Says Exactly What You Want! You Can Even Add Your Picture!

Questions? Check out the customization options.

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People Are Loving Their AID Cards! Here Is What They Are Saying…

Received the kids’ cards today.

THEY ARE PERFECT, down to being able to attach right to their lanyards! Thank you so much!!

Sandy K.


So Awesome!

We clipped the Epipen Emergency Card on Will’s backback, put one in his wallet, and I put one in my purse, just in case! Thanks for everything!

Carrie G.

Will’s Mom

Allergy ID Card,

Very satisfied! Great product and fast shipping! Highly recommend!

Dan R.


That was really fast order processing. I appreciate that and am looking forward to receiving this card. I had another incident of a server not hearing me correctly and bringing me a wheat based item. I though of having this printed on a t shirt. My daughter suggested finding a card I can carry in my wallet.

Bruce and Mandy

Dad & Daughter

I ordered 2 sets of the allergy cards, 1 for each of my sons who have multiple medical conditions.

I was able to customize them to fit my needs. I received them quicker than expected.

And my teenage sons are actually willing to carry them on their keys. Major win!

Happy Mom

Oregon, USA

Alert + Identify + Defend

Alert Others, Identify Your Condition And Defend Yourself With AID Cards.