Uses The Card?

Kids, Adults, Seniors, People Who Are Hearing Impaired Or Deaf, People Who Are Non-Verbal, People Who Are Autistic, Travelers, People Who Have Special Needs, People Who Take Medications, Anyone With Allergies Or Medical Conditions

Do You Show The Card?

In Restaurants/Cafes
When Traveling, In Hotels, At School, Camp, Daycare, Play-dates, Sleepovers
Show To Servers, Chefs, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Teachers, Nurses, Caregivers, First-Responders, Medical Professionals

Is The Card Made Of?

AID Cards Are High-Quality, Waterproof, Produced To Last, And Printed On Durable High-Impact Plastic; Just Like Credit Cards! Conveniently Keep The Card In Your Wallet, Purse, Backpack, Or On A Lanyard For Easy Use. AID Cards Are A Perfect Gift Idea!

Can I Make
A Custom Card?

YES. Create A Custom Card Specific To Your Needs. Your Personalized Card Is Fast And Easy To Create And Says Exactly What You Want! You Can Even Add Your Picture! Questions? No Problem! We Can Help! Call Us Today.

Is The Travel Card?

Be Noticed! The Travel Card Option Allow You To Simply Clasp Your Card To To Your Most Often Used Items:
Luggage, Purse, Backpack, Overnight Bag, Wheel Chair, Lanyard, Key Ring, Lunchbox, Emergency Medical Kit, Jacket, Belt Loop, Or Kid.

When Ordering, Select This Option And Your Card Will Come With A Key Ring, Pre-Cut Hole, And Clasp.

Are Alert Cards?

Alert Cards Are Designed To Alert Others To Your Medical Conditions. Alert Cards Include: ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism Awareness, Celiac Disease, Epipen Emergencys, Hemophilia, Seizures And More.

Alert Cards Also Includes The Pet Alert Card. Let People Know You Have Pets, In Case Of An Emergency. A Must Have For Pet Owners.

Are Allergy Cards?

Allergy Cards Are Available in 3 Categories: Food, Drug Allergies, and Medical Allergies.

Alert The Waiter And The Chef To Your Food Allergy! From Gluten- Free To Nuts And Seafood, Every Allergy Is Covered!

Medical And Drug Allergy Cards Include Asthma, Latex, Penicillin And Many More.

Are Aversion Cards?

Aversion Cards Alert Others and Identifies Ones Condition Before Action Is Necessary. These Cards Are Extremely Useful For People Who Are Non-Verbal, People Who Are Autistic, People Who Have Special Needs And Others.

Cards Include: Thunder, Loud Noises, Bright Lights, Small Spaces, Cars, Trains, Planes, Needles, Blood, Insects, Or Create Your Own.

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